LBM Expo Business Connect
- by LBM Expo


LBM Expo 2019 is changing to make sure that our show floor hours are valuable for our exhibitors and retailers. Here’s what is changing for this year:

  • On Wednesday, our late-morning kick-off event – 125 years in the making – will bring together retailers and exhibitors, providing insight on the future of our industry. At the event, you’ll hear from amazing speakers, and learn what’s new at LBM Expo, and some tips to get the most value from the show.
  • After Wednesday morning’s kick-off event, all attendees will be brought to lunch on the show floor. The informal lunch setting will give retailers and exhibitors a chance to reconnect, and tease some of the new offerings they have in their booth before the show floor opens at noon.
  • LBM Expo will be working with exhibitors to create the hands-on experiences retailers are asking for. But in addition to what will happen in-booth, we are excited to announce the addition of three interactive demo zones that will be located throughout the show floor.
  • We’ll close out the day with a cocktail hour before the show ends at 5 p.m. No activities will be planned for Wednesday evening, allowing retailers and exhibitors to get together without any conflicts.
  • Business Connect is back on Thursday morning before the show floor opens at 9 AM. We will have different interactive demo zones, a student recruitment fair, a celebration of our industry’s young lumber executives, and even some great Boston area entertainment for your spouse, all before the show floor closes at 5 PM.
  • Thursday night, the industry will come together to celebrate NRLA’s 125th Anniversary. The 125th Anniversary Task Force is planning an unforgettable event at the Marriott Copley. The event will feature a big-name comedian, fantastic food and drink, and more (hey, I can’t give away all our surprises yet).
  • On Friday morning, retailers and exhibitors will have one more chance to experience world-class education, gather with old friends and those they met during the show, and have an excellent breakfast.
  • There will be no show floor hours on Friday. Exhibitors’ crates will be waiting at their booths first thing in the morning.